Staten Island Sweet 16 at The Grand Plaza

Grand Plaza at Staten Island sweet 16

A Sweet 16 is the day every little girl gets to feel like a princess!

MC celebrating sweet 16 at the grand plaza in staten islandIts the day where in the eyes of her family and friends, she is “all grown up”. Alexa’s Sweet 16, was a party fit for a princess, with music that ignited the way.

The party was held at the Grand Plaza, of Staten Island, a catering venue, developed around the concept of effortless luxury and imminent style, there is no better place for a Sweet 16 princess to call her castle for a night.




Grand Plaza at Staten Island sweet 16For a party like this, all the stops were pulled out, Alexa and her family chose the Home Run Package, which featured, DJ Steward and MC Hector, as entertainment for the night, as well as 2 televisions to play memories from the years leading up to her special day, there was also a vintage light show which had everyone on the dance floor illuminated.





father son dance at staten island sweet sixteenA traditional event at most Sweet 16’s is a candle lighting ceremony, in which the guest of honor, thanks loved ones for being a part of her special day.

Accompanied by each person is a song that best exemplifies her relationship with each person. Alexa’s candle lighting ceremony was consisted of songs which we think will help anyone on their special day, check them out!



grandpa singing to his grand daughter at her sweet 16 in staten island“Happy” by Pharrell – This is a great song to use when bringing up large groups of friends. “Somewhere over the Rainbow” by Judy Garland – A perfect tune to share with grandparents.

“I Had the Time of My Life” by Billy Medey – Fun for small groups of friends, or a best friend. “You are the Sunshine of My Life” by Stevie Wonder – Perfect song to share with your parents. “I’ll Be there for You” by the Rembrandts – Just the right piece for siblings, young and old. “Perfect Two” – A sweet love song, for a high school sweetheart.


DJ Stew & Enrique having fun at Staten Island sweet 16



Naked, Dressed, or Creamed… The Top Trends in Cakes!

Fresh flowers on Long Island Wedding Cake

Whether birthday, anniversary, or wedding, a cake of some sort will likely be at your event. Cakes have been around celebrations forever. Ovid, the Roman poet born in 43BC, writes of his birthday celebrated with cake in his collection, Tristia. Cakes have changed since Ovid’s time, but the tradition of cakes is timeless.

These swoon-worthy cakes are a delicious addition to any occasion:

wedding cake with fondant at Astoria weddingFondant cakes emerged on the scene in the 1950s, with roots tracing back to marzipan in the 17th century. With their streamlined look and elasticity, it’s easy to see why they became a quick favorite. The customization options are nearly endless. With countless baking shows and competitions on television, bakers are showing off their sculpting and wowing audiences with cakes that resemble works of art more than food! Are fondant cakes overdone? Yes. Are they absolutely stunning? YES! The new look for these cakes: airy, water-colored, and marbled. Put a new twist on the classic white with a cake that subtly matches all the colors of the day.



Naked cakes broke out in 2014, and with their beautiful deconstructed look, show no signs of stopping. An un-iced, tiered cake looks best covered in fresh, big, colorful flowers and is perfect for any event you’re hosting. Of the cakes featured here, the naked cake is the easiest to replicate at home.


Our tip, have a skilled family member try their hand at naked; just be sure to have extra flowers available for inevitable mess ups!

NYC Wedding with 2 tier cakeBUTTERCREAM! This something old is something new again! Buttercream icing has been the standard in cake decorated for, well… ever, and is now coming back with a vengeance. The new trend? Single tiered and structured. Bakers are once again showing off their piping skills with these little masterpieces. Who doesn’t love a pink rosette made of sugary goodness?? Bakers are now stamping in geometric shapes and patterns into their creations. A delicious dessert to top off any meal!





3 tier cake with buttercream at Brooklyn wedding wedding cake with fresh flowersold school 4 tier cake at soho wedding



Whichever cake your day merits, be sure to enjoy, savor, and indulge. Remember, party cakes have zero calories! (Not really…)

Written By Kimber Benedict


Harlem Sweet 16 at Crystal Ballroom

Sweet 16 candle ceremony at NYC partyThink Paris, black tie and a New York DJ set that had guests on their feet all night. The Crystal Ballroom, Located in NYC’s East Harlem Neighborhood was the location for the occasion, where guests gathered in all black for to celebrate the Sweet 16 of Celeste, who stood out in an all white ensemble.

Father Daughter Dance at Sweet 16 Bridal Court Sweet 16 dance in NYC


This Manhattan sweet sixteen was handled by DJ Nicholas and MC Hector, who delivered nothing short of amazing entertainment with the “Lights Camera Action” package, requested by the clients. Guests moved to the music in sync with an LED light show, and when they took a break from the dance floor captured memories in a Photo Booth provided by Bigger Than Life entertainment.


Highlights of the night included Celeste’s entrance done to Trey Songs “Say Ahh”, which got everyone in the mood to start dancing, and of course the Father/ Daughter dance, done to Taylor Swift’s “Never Grow Up”, which brought tears to the crowd.
Photo Booth Fun at Washing Heights Sweet 16

The night never stopped once the dance music started!


From artist like Drake, Romeo Santos and Fetty Wap.  BTL DJS also played teen favorites “Watch me Whip” and “Team Little Man Anthem” were just a few of the top 40 favorites, mixed in with classics such as The Temptations, and Motown.

Great music, dancing and an unbeatable location made this night one for the books!