Seasonal Wedding Cocktails

There can be a lot to think about when it comes to your wedding, but don’t overlook the bar. A signature cocktail is one detail that will add class and charm to your nuptials. Get inspired with these recipe ideas for every season:

The Summer Spritzer


lemon, seltzer, vodka wedding drink

For the perfect accompaniment to a summer ceremony, why not try a classic white wine spritzer? Simply mix half a cup of club soda with half a cup of wine, and garnish with a lemon twist or seasonal fruit, for a refreshing sipper that won’t mar your dress, should any spillage occur. Bonus tip: Add fresh rose petals for a unique, delicate flavor.



The Fall Cider

apple cidar fall wedding

The autumn season and apple cider go hand in hand, so try adding a traditional apple cinnamon cider to your bar. Pair 4 oz of apple cider with 1 oz of whiskey and blend with a splash of cinnamon simple syrup over crushed ice, for a sweet and spicy fall beverage. Bonus tip: Chilly outside? Try serving this warm.




The Winter Martini

wedding martini

For an effortlessly chic winter cocktail, the chocolate martini can be hard to beat. Mix 5 oz of vodka with 2 oz of clear Creme de Cacao. Serve in a long stem martini glass with a dark chocolate chunk. Bonus tip: To satisfy your sweet tooth, add dark chocolate shavings as an additional garnish.




The Spring Scarlet O’Hara

cranberry, vodka drink

This bright sipper is a signature drink with all the luxury of a Southern belle. To make it, add 2 oz of Southern Comfort to 5 oz of cranberry juice. Top with a dash of lime and garnish with a lime wedge for a pop of color. Bonus tip: For a slightly tropical feel, add a seasonal fruit skewer.





No matter when your wedding is, there is a memorable signature cocktail for every season, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find yours!