Honeymoon on a budget

The secret to getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to your honeymoon is planning ahead. Wedding planning can really become a stressful event if it is not done with time and the proper preparation. Even then you won’t be able to predict what will happen next or how expensive things will turn out to be. They say your wedding and honeymoon plan the tone for the rest of your wedding for this reason it is important to plan ahead to ensure your honeymoon is everything you and your partner have always wanted it to be. Here are 5 ways you can save on your honeymoon without depriving yourself from an amazing adventure.

Do Your Research

When it comes to wedding planning many times your honeymoon will take a back end with so many things happening all at the same time. You want to ensure your honeymoon is a top priority on your list as well. As the better the research and planning you do the better the price of your honeymoon will be. Remember to always double check your options and never settle for the one that sounds the best the first time you hear about it. It is very common for couples to choose the very first honeymoon idea that comes to mind. This will only lead to an expensive trip that may not stay on budget.

Create a Honeymoon Budget

Just as you would create a wedding budget you want to make a honeymoon budget to give you an idea as to what you are willing to spend and what places will accommodate your budget best. Once you have created a budget you want to start looking online for the best offers that fit your budget. Websites such as and can show you what are the best offers that will suit you for your honeymoon. And they always have deals going all year round to help you plan your honeymoon ahead of schedule.

Stay Local

When we hear the word honeymoon out initial thoughts may be tropical island, warm weather and lots of sightseeing . However, if you are worried about splurging a little more than you should on your honeymoon going local can be just thing you need. When checking local hotels that contain amenities such as couple massage, spa areas, or a jacuzzi for two can be a great website to check out. You are sure to find exactly what you are looking for at a very discounted price.

Consider An All inclusive hotel or cruise

Considering package deals that have everything inclusive is another excellent way to save on your honeymoon. All inclusive package deals are usually just that deals that include everything in the hotel or cruise. However, it is important to do your research and really find out what is included in your package. One way to make your research a little bit more simple is by visiting TripAdvisor can help cut your research time in half as it will list all the things the hotel or cruise you are interested in has to offer. If you are looking for great deals consider traveling during the week instead of the weekend, hotels tend to have better sales if you stay during the week.

Don’t forget to Brag

Once you have chosen your honeymoon destination and are planning to call and book your stay be sure to brag about being honeymooners. Hotels tend have to have a sweet spot for weddings and honeymooners for this reason they may upgrade your room or give you another swanky benefit while you stay with them. They also know that you are shopping around for the best deals which will make them give you even better discounts and sales on what they are expected to offer.

When it comes to your honeymoon it is important to plan ahead of time so when they day comes you are able to enjoy as much of your partner as possible. Make sure you follow these saving tips to get the best deal on your honeymoon trip. If you know of any other tips make sure to leave us a comment below and tell us about your money saving tips and tricks as well.


5 Steps to being an un-biased Maid of Honor

Brides Maid dress with bride at NYC wedding

Being “Made” of Honor

Maids of Honor are an integral part of any nuptials. She is the bride’s backbone, and the heart of the bridal party. The MOH is so deeply involved in all of the planning that it can be hard to constantly put the bride’s taste above her own. I should know; I’m a first time MOH. I am absolutely excited to be serving my little cousin in her upcoming wedding and I know first hand, that seeing a party through her eyes has proven difficult! Here is a list of how to stay un-biased and un-jealous throughout the process… some of these I am still working on!

1. Truly understand your bride’s vision. You may be modern chic and you’re bride rustic quirky. You might not understand why she prefers petit fours, over individual brownie bites. Try to think like the bride. See the world through her veil. After all, this is the couple’s day and while you have been by her side for a very long time, today is about the style of the bride and groom.

2. Know the budget. This is important to know when making suggestions and putting in your two cents. Know where the money is coming from. Many parents have a fund set aside for their child’s wedding; especially when couples marry younger. But, many couples fund their own day. It’s so important to know where the couple stands on the budget, is there any wiggle room or would they like to save as much as possible. If you know the ins and outs of the money situation, you can make a more informed suggestion. Maybe the Cuban cigar roller isn’t a necessity.

3. Rein her in. Say your bride wants fairytale infusions, she may be so focused on the “theme” she’s about to buy fairy wings for the bridal party… this is your cue to step in. Suggest baby’s breath in the party’s hair or little butterflies in the bouquets.

4. Remember that it’s not your day. While you might prefer a strapless dress and a naked cake, it doesn’t matter. When you get married (or have a HUGE party just because), then you can get whatever you like. This is about making the bride’s dreams and wishes come true. She has been by your side forever; give her the big gift of support for her vision. And… never murmur the words, “Well, if it was MY day…”

5. Be there for all that she needs, because she is often there for whatever you need. Leading up to the wedding, chances are the bride is a bit stressed. She’s your bestie, you know what she needs; take her out for cocktails, to the beach, or a quiet dinner. Above all, remind the bride that this should be more happy than stressful and constantly be available to brighten her day and lighten her load.

Written By Kimber Benedict