The wow factor is here!!!

Dancing-In-The-CloudMake your first dance as husband and wife stunning! Wow all your wedding guests by looking as if you’re dancing in the clouds for your first dance as husband and wife. Your first dance will be sure to be one that you and everyone else at your wedding will remember forever.

Your wedding day is special and every moment within it deserves to be treated like it’s a dream. A rental Dancing in the Clouds will help make that dreamlike state reality. A thick white cloud of dry ice smoke covers the floor as you’re dancing to your chosen song from the DJ. The clouds will transform the venue, adding a majestic touch to your reception.

The effect of the cloud, combined with photo or video, is simply magical. This amazing special effect will crowd the edges of the dance floor with guests and have them clamoring to take photos of you as you dance. The pictures, video, and memories of this event are sure to be unforgettable by your guests. Even though the effect is for your first dance, the memories of the cloud will last for a lifetime.

Our rental Dancing in the Clouds also works great for sweet 16 parties! A first father-daughter dance can be taken to the next level with the Dancing in the Clouds rental. The pictures you will get from this experience will be ones to cherish forever as you get older and look back at your sweet 16.

Our team will take care of everything you need for your rental dancing in the clouds. We have the equipment and technical know-how to bring this magical effect of dancing in the clouds to life! BTLDJS can provide your own Dancing in the Clouds throughout the entire New York region, including the NYC boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and in Westchester County. Rental Dancing in the Clouds are also available from BTLDJs in New Jersey and Long Island as well.