An easy way to dazzle your guests and make a bold statement is with our professional quality rental uplighting display. Your guests are sure to be impressed by this elegant element which BTL DJs will provide to you.

Uplights are light fixtures that are arranged near or on the floor. These lights are freestanding and come in a variety of different colors. By choosing uplights, you can eliminate the need for overhead fluorescent lights at your venue, which may be unflattering for photo and video.

With uplighting, your event venue will upgrade from having just plain walls. Uplighting allows you to choose a variety of colors to be in the background to your event and decorate the space. The array of elegant lights will transform your venue and add pizzazz to the space, impressing your guests and adding to the ambiance of the event.

Uplighting truly beautifies a space and takes it to the next level. Beautiful lights illuminate from the ground upwards towards the ceiling. We have several different lighting choices to fit your theme and mood. By choosing different colors, you will be able to create the visual effect that you desire for your event. Our lights will perfect complement what you have in mind for your special day.

By choosing uplighting, you will also create the perfect ambiance for taking photos and video. The overhead fluorescent lights which are common at many venues can be unflattering for taking photos or video. Using uplights instead of overhead lighting will create better lighting for capturing the event on film, creating a softer visual effect that reduces glare.

At BTLDJs, we have all of your lighting needs covered so that you can magically transform your venue into your desired space! The Uplighting services and setup from BTLDJs are available throughout the New York region, including the NYC boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, as well as in Westchester County. BTLDJS also offers service and set up for your events in Long Island and New Jersey. Let us take care of all your lighting needs!