Your wedding day is the result of much careful planning, preparing the perfect vows and the perfect ceremony. Don’t let your guests miss out on any important vows or speeches on your wedding day! Going to weddings where you can’t hear anything that is said is not a positive experience. This happens for quite a few reasons: either there was no sound system, or the sound system or operation was not adequate for the task.

Ordering a quality sound system for your wedding ceremony is truly important. Renting a high quality ceremony sound system from BTLDJs ensures that your guests will not miss anything important on your wedding day. Trust us with all of your sound system needs. With our high quality sound system, your guests will be able to hear everything, enjoy, and not have to worry about missing any part of the ceremony that is important.

Our team will handle all of your needs, from before the ceremony begins until it ends. 30 minutes prior to the ceremony, our team will begin playing your selected background music, and we will then move to playing your processional and recessional music at the appropriate times. In addition, if there are live music elements to your ceremony, we will make sure that the singers or musicians have the equipment that they need in order to sound amazing.

We assure you that there will be no hiccups on your special day. Our equipment is top-of-the-line. Since the focus is on you, we ensure that our equipment will look great and be set up to make sure that the focus is on you, the celebrants. We have all of the equipment that is needed to make your wedding day an amazing (and audible) experience.

Your wedding ceremony sound needs will be totally covered at BTLDJs! We can provide full installation and servicing for your ceremony sound system throughout the New York area. We are available to service your events in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx (New York City) as well as Westchester County. In addition, we are also available to provide ceremony sound systems in Long Island and New Jersey.